We believe it’s not a lack of vision that holds us back, it’s that so few great visions are actioned upon to become reality.

We exist to ensure all great visions have the action required to realise their impact.

The world we have today, as great as it is, isn’t the sum of our best ideas. It’s the sum of our ideas that have been implemented. Imagine what the world would be like if our very best ideas were realised! There are so many small businesses out there that add such great value to the world, but their impact is limited because of their ability to implement. If we could improve the implementation of those ideas and get more great ideas out into the world – there’s no greater change we can make.

We build the infrastructure for small businesses to close the gap between vision & reality.

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Who is Complete X for?

Businesses Owners with a realisation that the gap between where you are now to where you want to be is just too great to do alone.

1. Lacking Focus

The lack of focus comes from 3 factors:
1. ‘Firefighting’.
There’s always something new in business. New opportunity to pursue or workout how it’s to be done or some new problem that needs solving asap. This often feels like constantly running around being super “busy” but you know that the bigger picture, more important tasks aren’t being done.
2. Working in not on the business.
Following on from firefighting, doing these urgent tasks often mean that they’re tasks that just move you forward (hopefully) a little bit. But the more important tasks, which are working ON the business fall by the wayside.
3. Burnout.
When you’re the owner of a small business, that generally means you’re also doing a thousand other jobs. The expectations, stress, and knowing all these other tasks need to get done while you can feel your original the vision always eluding you leads to burnout all to common with small business Owners.

2. Little Impact
We don’t mean that you’re not impacting & adding value in the world, it’s that you know you can be doing a lot better. The difference between what you’re doing now & what your visions are is a sizeable difference.
3. Minimal resources
The classic not enough time & money to do not only what needs to get done, but what should be done also.

Our Journey

We see so many business owners running their businesses who could achieve so much more and have a far bigger impact on the world if they have the right assistance to execute their vision. When you take a passionate entrepreneur’s vision and make it a reality everyone wins – from the business owner through to the customer.

If you make business owners truly happy, you exponentially improve the lives of many. So, removing the burdens owners’ face is key for scalable happiness.

Our vision is for happier lives for many – business is the way to do that.

We think of ourselves more as business partners that work on your business, not in it. We don’t propose to know all about your specific day-to-day operations, but we certainly know about running businesses. Our goal is to improve your business to have a better impact on your life and therefore your team and your customers.


“They’ve helped me in every area of my business.”

Mark Fenner

Founder, FTP Training

Get Clarity.

Live With Purpose.

Be Fulfilled.

Have Balance & Priority.

Grow and own a business capable of running independently of the key owner.

Have methodologies and principles to refine the; complex to easy, & hard to simple.

Utilise systems, tools, and your team to enable scale of talents and your intellectual property.

We show you the priorities and balances in life and in business to decide what’s actually important and the reallocation of resources if required.

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Close The Gap Between Your Vision & Reality!