We build businesses

Too much is “left on the table” and not put out into the world because ideas aren’t implemented. We build, operate, and invest in small businesses to turn visions into reality. See, ideas are worthless without execution.

We’re the implementation arm for small business. Our skill set ranges from marketing, governance, finance, operational management, website, branding, coaching and more – all areas needed to run the ‘business side’ of any operation.

Our Journey

After seeing so many ‘technicians’ out there running their businesses that can achieve so much more & have a bigger impact on the world if they just have the ‘business’ partner to execute the vision. So many ideas that aren’t fully implemented. When you can take a passionate ‘entrepreneur’ vision and make it reality everyone wins from the founds right through to customer. If you make business owners truly happy, you exponentially improve the lives of many. Removing the burdens owners’ face is key for scalable happiness.

Our vision is for happier lives for many – business is the way to do that. Think of us more as business partners that work ‘on your business’ not in it.

Our Team

Christopher Sutherland

Co-Founder, CEO

Matt Battye

Co-Founder, Adviser

Nikki Panie

Web Developer

Tatsat Savsani

Graphic Designer

Principles of Complete X

We’re big fans of Ray Dalio & his work in sharing his views & stories through his first book “Principles: Life & Work”. Following on from this idea, we want to share our growing list of principles that guide us in our decisions & explain our actions & philosophy on how & why we do things.

Our Principles:


Happiness has to be the number one imporance. Otherwise, what’s the point? What’s the point in being unhappy in running a business where you gain no enjoyment or fulfilment for the work you do?

We’re believe happier business owners = happier staff = happier clients & customers.

So we need to fix the first part of the equation to make a bigger and better difference to all involved.

Honesty & Transparency

First, stop the bleeding.

When helping any small business, we must first understand what (if anything) is causing ‘severe bleeding’ in the business. We need to fix the extremely urgent items to give us the breathing room to work on the important items.

Be truthful when we’re not helping by helping.

Just because we can, doesn’t mean we should. We should really understand that if we have a hammer at our disposal it doesn’t mean that everything is a nail because most of the times it’s not. 

We’re not one time fixers, we’re partners. We all know there’s no such thing as an instant or one-solution fix, so why should we provide a service in this manner. 

We observe businesses too often have the tendancy to jump on the latest craze, the latest gadget, the latest process – only to turn out that it doesn’t deliver what we think it will, because it’s a tactial one-off decision rather than fitting in with the bigger picture and principles of the business. 


Life’s too short for smoke & mirrors. Don’t sell the sizzle if there’s no steak. Some people can live like this, we don’t. Let’s be real with ourselves, each other, & our clients. When your intent is right, you don’t need to worry about anything.

Needs vs Wants

“You can have anything you want, you just can’t have everything you want.”

– Ray Dalio

Following on from our Transparency Principle, let’s be honest on what goes in the Needs or Wants column & always have the plan to address the ‘Need’s column first.


“It’s your fault. If you don’t like where you are, move. You’re not a tree.”

Understand that recognising mistakes & problems isn’t a blame game. There’s no long term benefit in hiding the truths. The sooner we can recognise the issues, the sooner we can address them and even turn them into opportunities.

Systems & Processes

Systems & processes are fundamental in business and life. It addresses:

  1. Standards
  2. Scale
  3. Innovation


Having documented systems ensures there’s a standard to adhere to – there’s no second guessing what the standards are. This enables the best experiences for the end user. There’s a reason why McDonalds for a long time has long been regarded as the king of systems – what other business employs near 2 million people, many of which are teenagers to produce an almost identical experience around the world.


There’s a lot to do in business. Most of the time, it starts out with just you, the business owner doing all the work. The vast majority of businesses grow by hiring the next team member hoping they know what to do and how to do their work. With a lot of time & effort in training your hires, so much of it relies on the memory & experience of the manager and the staff to continue on delivering the standard – with no repeatable system, no training manual, no fall back solution.

Having documented systems & processes help fix this issue and enable repeatable and a far more predictable experience in scaling the business.


Having a baseline, a standard to uphold allows you to see where the bar is and potential areas in how you can improve it. If you’re “fully bespoke” and doing different processes & methods every time, how do you not only ensure consistency, but improve on what you did last time?


Actions beat Ideas

Or as we put it:

Ideas to the power of Implementation. I to the i.

No matter how great the idea, zero implementation means it’s worth almost nothing. Whereas even an average idea well implemented is worth a lot.

We’re true believers of implementation; action, speed, & group learning. Great opportunities come every day & we want to be in the position to seize them with our clients.

Ideas are cheap. Everyone has them.

Why Work With Small Business?

It’s more common to find super passionate people working on their ‘thing’, close to the action. Really trying to make a difference & having a go. 

Truly great businesses create so much value in the world – from the value to customers and clients to the value to those who work within them. Entrepreneurial businesses are just that more fantastic – they solve our problems and enable daily tasks to be done easier. That’s why building and working for great businesses is something that only those doing so themselves will really understand.