We care about getting your ideas actioned. Naturally, all of our services revolve around the implementation of proven business activities to help build and grow your business. Our services are normally delivered as a package specifically to remove problems faced by businesses – whether it be in the building of foundations for a business, marketing, governance, technology, or finance.

Problems we solve


Time is the most precious resource you have. All our services have a focus on either taking current unwanted activities away from you that you’re doing now, or implementing in an area that you know needs action in, but don’t have the time to do it

Lack of resources

Small business don’t have the resource to have ‘an expert’ in each position in the organisation. We have the foundation team to build your business whilst you also benefit from our collective knowledge of building numerous other businesses at the same time

Lack of action

With the experienced team and capacity we have at Complete X, we’re able to give your business a real boost in the areas you’re missing out on. Whether it be new branding, videos, website, or ongoing marketing support – we’re able to and accountable to get the results.

Services we provide

Marketing Services

Right from the creation of the brand strategy through to the implementation of tactics – creating & curating content, publishing, advertisements & analysis of our efforts.

Branding Pack

Creation of your branding theme – logos, stationery materials, colour palettes, styles, textures, and usage guidelines.


We can develop your website using best practices to deliver results – not just to ‘look pretty’. This includes, layouts, design, implementation, and ongoing management of your website – including updates, maintenance, & visitor analysis.

Video Production

The most popular platform for delivering brand messages, value, & connecting with your audience. We’ve got plenty of experience from public videos, social ad videos, right though to internal training videos.

System & Process Audit

Not sure if we can add value? You can consult us to conduct a Systems & Process audit to analyse a list of opportunities that will either add a better foundation to your business, fix a current pain, or highlight areas of immediate growth.

Business 4 Life Program

We’ve documented our collective business experience to come up with the ‘Business 4 Life Program’. A start to finish program that addresses all aspects of a business – from getting the message right, thinking right, and taking the right type of action.


On occasion, we do one off consulting projects with clients that have a fixed project due date. Whether this be tackling an acute business pain, or just fleshing out your next project/venture.

Management Board

Having an accountability partner on your management board, not just as a sounding board, but also to help the business take action.

Who we help

If you’re this type of person:

  • Passionate about what you do
  • Great at what you do
  • Got into your business because you get great satisfaction from the result that your business delivers
  • The Chief ‘Everything’ – you fill many roles in your business

Brand personalities:

  • Driven
  • Passionate

In these industries & sectors:

  • Service based
  • Restaurant
  • Tourism
  • Sport
  • Coaching, consulting, management

What’s next?


Have you got any proof / results?
Yes, not only do we consult and provide one-off services to clients, but we also operate several successful businesses as well. Check out our family here.


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