We care about getting your ideas actioned. Naturally, all of our services revolve around the implementation of proven business activities to help build and grow your business. Our services are normally delivered as a package specifically to remove problems faced by businesses – whether it be in the building of foundations for a business, marketing, governance, technology, or finance.

Problems we solve


Time is the most precious resource you have. All our services have a focus on either taking current unwanted activities away from you that you’re doing now, or implementing in an area that you know needs action in, but don’t have the time to do it.

Lack of Resources

Small business don’t have the resource to have ‘an expert’ in each position in the organisation. We have the foundation team to build your business whilst you also benefit from our collective knowledge of building numerous other businesses at the same time.

Lack of action

With the experienced team and capacity we have at Complete X, we’re able to give your business a real boost in the areas you’re missing out on. Whether it be branding, videos, website, or ongoing marketing support – we’re able to be accountable to get the results.

Services we provide



Video Production


Content Strategy & Production

Social Media Management

Studio Hire

Website Development

Website Ongoing Care Plans

Business Systems

CRM research & implementation

Systems & Process Audits

Financial Systems


Email setup

Domain Names

Technology Audits

Business Consulting


Management Board

Wealth4Happiness Program



The businesses & entrepreneurs we help always have the following traits:

✓ High impact

✓ Talented & leading performance

✓ Extremely passionate

✓ High self-awareness

✓ People centric

What’s Next?